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Welcome to Blabba The Hutt! A new podcast about all things Star Wars! This show will be comitted to talking anything and eveything from a Galaxy Far Far Away. Broadcast from Dublin, Ireland, We are the ONLY Dedicated Irish Star Wars Podcast (to the best of our knowledge!) If you like the show please make sure to subscribe! You can also follow along on twitter @BlabbaTheHutt
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Dec 19, 2016

Welcome to Blabba the Hutt episode 30!

Join us on a journey to Dublin Ireland for the premiere of Rogue One: A Star Wars Story! Recorded live at the event on December 14th 2017. 

The Episode is Rogue One SPOILER FREE! 

Sit back and enjoy the ride!

Dec 6, 2016

One of our favourite things to do here at Blabba is cover cons! And with all the con coverage we've done this year the interviews really started to amass. So in this Kate Solo episode you'll hear our favourite interviews with amazing Star Wars folks from cons we've attended over the past few months.

Guests Include:

Adam Bray - Ultimate star Wars
Jason Fry - Weapon of a Jedi
James tyler Christopher - Comic Artist
Arti Shah - Mo-Cap double for Maz Kanata
and more..... 

We hope you enjoy this action packed, fun filled episode of Blabba the Hutt!

Be sure to check out for more Star Wars fun!

Oct 2, 2016

Welcome to Episode 28 of Blabba The Hutt!

Kate has finally finished Life Debt, so we take the opportunity to chat about the second installment of the Aftermath series. 

Star Wars Rebels is back! and there has been a change in Dave Filoni's involvement, but what does that mean for the series? What does it mean for Filoni? We break down the official Lucasfilm statement regarding Dave Filoni, and cast aspersions on where Dave might be headed, and whether there is more animation story telling in the pipeline!

Sit back relax, and enjoy the ramblings of 2 Star Wars super fans! 

Aug 30, 2016
Episode 27: Kate's Irish Adventure.

Welcome Motherhutters to Episode 27 of Blabba The Hutt! 

Episode 27: Kates Irish Adventure


This will be a very interesting episode of Blabba The Hutt! On Episode 27, Kate and Jamie talk Ireland. Though its not going to be Jamie leading the conversation! In this episode we find all about Ireland, its connection with Star Wars, and the time, that our resident Queen of Droids Kate Dubinko spent here in July. 

In this episode you will hear all about Kate's trip to the hallowed ground that is Skellig Michael, you will hear from the residents of Portmagee, the town where Lucasfilm set up base in order to sail 13km out to sea to shoot The Force Awakens on the most remote part of Ireland possible.

You will also learn how to say 'May the Force be with You' in Irish! 

Sit back, relax and enjoy Kate's Irish Adventure! 

Aug 16, 2016

Join Blabba the Hutt as the team sit down to talk at length about everything we saw in the latest Rogue One Trailer.

In this episode Blabba the Hutt's Jamie and Kate are joined by Matthew, Gary and newcomer Chris to discuss the trailer under the following points: Look and Feel, Characters, Plot, Ships and Planets. 

Visit for more.

Jul 26, 2016

Welcome Motherhutters to Episode 25 of Blabba the Hutt! This episode was recording live in the South hall of theExcel Centre in London, at Star Wars Celebration Europe 2016!

In this episode you will hear from Not only Blabba thr Hutt hosts Jamie Hickey and Kate Dubinko, but we are joined by our buddy Marc from As for special guests we were lucky to be joined by a host of amazing Irish people. First up is Mark Hamilton, one third of the band ASH, Mark and Ash are synonymous with the Star Wars world, on a personal level MArk is a avid fan and collector of all things star war, but on a professional level, Mark, along with Ash, have been lucky enough to contribute to the Star wars world, Their song 'Clones' was the title track for the game Star Wars: Republic Commando.

We are also joined by Vincent of Keefe from the Moorings guesthouse Portmagee, Where Luke Skywalker pulled his Pint of Guinness and John O'Sullivan from the Skellig Experience Centre in Kerry. Both have great experience of the production in Ireland and both are able to recount amazing stories, about the island itself,its rich and interesting history, but also how Star Wars has change the direction in which Ireland Markets this spectacular destination.

We had such a great time at Celebration, and we were delighted to see so many faces in the audience for our panel at Celebration! We would like to say a massive thank you to everyone who came along to the show, and especially to the Emerald Garrison who have always been so supportive of what we do here at Blabba the Hutt. Another massive thank you has to go to Mark Newbold and all the crew at Jedi News for putting together a solid line up of podcasts on the ONE FORCE stage throught the weekend at Celebration Europe.

Jul 10, 2016

The queueing system at Celebration Europe is a hot topic this week. We decided to sit down and have a think about what exactly the Celebration team want us to do...

We talk about how to give yourself the best chance of getting to the the important panels you want to go to. As well as the options if you don't get a wristband.

Outside of the individual panels we also let you know how to obtain the  Star Wars Celebration Europe Exclusives Black Series Kylo Ren. Where to queue to make sure you get a ticket so you can nab one!

We also talk about Blabba Live! our very first panel and Live show, happening on July 15th on the One Force Stage! One panel you won't have to queue for!

Have a great time at Celebration!

Jun 28, 2016

Welcome to Episode 24 of Blabba the Hutt, The episode you nearly didn't get. This one has been by far the most trying Episode to get live. Jamie and Kate had multiple calls drop during the recording of this episode, and the issues didn't stop there. Every possible barrier between you and this episode were put in place! Alas, the show must go on! Though some of the Content is now slightly out of date, join us for the usual cross atlantic banter you have come to expect from Blabba the Hutt! In This Show: Maz Kate-Nata is about to make her way to Europe! PHXCC Jamie and his Sci Fi Flea Market Comics Chat: Han Solo and TFA comic adaptation Rebels Season 2 Release on Blu Ray E3 news – PSVR and EA news & Lego Star Wars Kates report from the floor of Phoenix Comic Con Celebration Europe Updates! #Cantina - Who can we expect to see at the show?

Jun 5, 2016

Hello Motherhutters and welcome to Episode 23 of Blabba The Hutt! 

Jamie is back from illness/holiday/gallivanting and in this episode you will find out exactly what kept him so busy! WE also talk a little about Phoenix Comic Con and what Kate's plan for it is.  On Episode 22 you heard Jamie talk to Jay Benedict and Mike Edmuds at Belfast Film and Comic Con, we hear a little more about the event.

Jame and Kate then talk a little bit about the biggest news in recent times for Blabba the Hutt, the LIVE show planned for Star Wars Celebration Europe! 

Our Featured interview for Episode 23 is with Animation and FX Supervisor Mark Austin, better known to us as Boba Fett from the Special Edition of  Star Wars: A New Hope.

So sit back and enjoy just under 2 hours of Star Wars discussion! 

May 23, 2016

Welcome to Episode 22 or Blabba The Hutt!

Today we have another Kate Solo episode for you to enjoy! Unfortunately due to illness and schedule constraints, Jamie was not able to make it on to co-host, however you are in safe hands, as the resident 'Queen of Droids' takes the to helm.

First up Jamie talks to Degobabe, who was recently in Malin Head to catch a glimpse of the Star Wars Episode 8 filming in Ireland. Then Kate talks to Truck Torrence about the adorable Star Wars emojis he designed. (Find all of them here at the Star Wars App & watch the cute The Force Awakens as told by Emojis here.) Lastly Jamie talks to actors Mike Edmunds and Jay Benedict at Showmasters Film and Comic Con in Belfast.

May 7, 2016

Welcome to Episode 21 of Blabba The Hutt. It has been a busy week at BlabbaHQ.

We talk about the happenings that led to this crazy week we that resulted in a link from Mark Hamill to The Blabba The Hutt Site.


We talk #REYOFHOPE, a campaign to help one young girl Alice Barker reach her hero Daisy Ridley, She was called an inspiration to Mark Hamill. Hear the story from both Blabba the Hutt’s angle and from Alice herself!


Celebration is only around the corner, and 2 UK boys are setting up the best Pre Celebration party around. Listen to us as we catch up with Jed Shepherd and Martin Keeler to talk about #Cantina!


So buckle up and enjoy Blabba the Hutt Episode 21!

Apr 22, 2016

Welcome to Blabba the Hutt episode 20!

In this show:

- Dark Side of the .. Thats no Moon! Kate watches The Force Awakens along with Pink Flyods Iconic album as a Backdrop.

- #TFADay! We chat and give our new thoughts about the Blu-Ray release of The Force Awakens
Star Wars Eoisode VIII Irish news review

-Rogue One Trailer chat

- Star Wars Comics review - C3Po one shot, and Poe Dameron #1
Punch it Chewie!

Apr 7, 2016

Wasn't the Season 2 Finale of Star Wars Rebels absolutely outrageous in every way possible? Who would have expected 40 minutes of delight,  fear,  sadness and laughter all at the one time? People are suggesting that ‘The Twilight of the Apprentice’ is up there amongst the best Star Wars you’ll see…  and they aren't wrong.

A Star Wars event this big demands a Blabba The Hutt to match it, so we called in the mercenaries… Jamie and Kate are joined in Blabba The Hutt Episode 19 by Gary(@SealTeam_Shels) Matt (@Matthew_O_Brien) and Rod (@OconorRoderick) to digest everything we see in ‘Twilight of the Apprentice’ including:


  • Who is ‘The Apprentice’?
  • Ahsoka‘s fate?
  • The Sith Holocron, what is it? What's in it?  Who made it,  and what does it mean for Ezra?
  • The Return of Darth Maul….  Or now known simply as ‘Maul’
  • Go Go Saber Chopper!
  • Kanans new Disability


Sit back and enjoy the next 1 and 40 minutes as Blabba The Hutt and friends look back at the some of the best animated storytelling we’ve seen in this Galaxy.


Mar 25, 2016

On this episode of Blabba the Hutt, Jamie leaves Kate at the helm while he enjoys St. Patrick's Day in Boston!

In this episode you'll hear about some of the awesome work Team Blabba's been doing, Kate discusses what's been going down in Dubrovnik, Jamie's interview with Ana-Maria Leonte who played Dasha Promenti in The Force Awakens and Kate's interview with internet sensation “David After Dentist”!

So what happen's when Jamie hands over entire control to BBK8? Hit play and enjoy zany antics in this Kate Solo extravaganza!


Mar 10, 2016

On Episode 17 of Blabba The Hutt, we join forces with Scott Adair from Forbidden Planet Dublin to talk about the entire Vader Down Arc.

We also have a great interview with the 'Princess of Lothal' Julie Dolan who plays Princess Leia in Disney's Star Wars Rebels.

Feb 19, 2016

Welcome to Episode 16 of Blabba The Hutt!

What a week we have had in Star Wars! We have had lots of news break over the last week! Everything from Rogue One, to Episode VIII, Rebels, Toys and loads more! In this episode, Jamie and Kate discuss all the latest happenings from the Stat Wars galaxy, so Sit back, relax, and enjoy a half hour of discussion about your favourite galaxy!


In This Episode:

We thanks and read some of your amazing  iTunes Reviews
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There has been an expansion! Learn who the newest Motherhutters are!

We dive intot the latest News from Episode 8, Rogue One , New York Toy fair and more. 

We also help a Stormtrooper out - Laurie Goode is the original Stormtrooper who banged his head, and has written a song about it! - Download on iTunes 

Jamie managed to weasel his way on to Irish radio station Radio Nova!



Feb 13, 2016

With less than a year to go we should probably get talking about Rogue one!

Welcome back to another episode of Blabba The Hutt! We have some great stuff lined up for this episode including:
  • Win an Official Star Wars The Force Awakens Poster by leaving us an iTunes review! Thanks to the sexy folks in Forbidden Planet Dublin for giving us the posters
  • Kate @ Disney, All the new Star Wars Stuff there and her triumph at the Star Wars 10K!
  • Battlefront news
  • Our first cast interview from The Force Awakens with Jakku Villager and #GirlWithRifle Gloria Garcia!
  • We bring Everyone up to speed with what we know about Star Wars Rogue one
    • Returning Characters?
    • What cast do we know?
    • Han Solo Casting?
    • Music
  • Smugglers Bounty Box 2
So Kick back, relax and enjoy the Show! [btn text="Follow us on Twitter" tcolor=#FFF bcolor=4099FF thovercolor=4099FF link="" target="_blank"]
Jan 19, 2016

Episode 14: 

Jedi Health, Safety & logistic on Skellig Michael (Ahch-to)

Leave an iTunes Review before Feb 29th to be in with a chance to with a Star Wars The Force Awakens Official poster! Thanks to Forbidden Planet Dublinn!

We have a very interesting show lined up for Blabba The Hutt listeners today!

Main points in todays show!

- Kate's Star Wars 10K experience

Kate has completed the Star Wars 10k in Anaheim! And whilst she was off running marathons, Jamie was left holding up shop! Kate does check in and give us a quick update on how it all went!

- Interview with head of health and Safety for the Shoot on Skellig Michael - Mike O'Shea

We also talk to Mike O Shea, The man tasked with Safety & logistics on the shoot on Skellig Michael, He has some really great stories and insight to the Irish leg of the shoot, and his interactions with the Cast members! He is also raffleing his personal Crew hat from Star Wars The Force Awakens! All proceeds go to the ISPCC

Win a Star Wars Episode Vii Crew Hat! 


Jan 8, 2016

Blabba The Hutt

Episode 13:

Re-Reactions to The Force Awakens, and WHO IS REY?


Force awakens is out. its smashing records and we have another episode to discuss it!


Covered in this episode

- Re-Reactions to The Force Awakens

- What We got right


- The Return to Skellig Michael

- Abandoned TFA, What could have been and more!

So strap in and get ready for light speed!

Punch it Chewie!

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Jan 7, 2016

Posted by: Jamie Hickey

Yesterday we Reported that the production team for Star Wars Episode VIII will be coming back to Ireland! The detail is all over here in case you missed it! It was a great scoop by the folks at Kerry's Eye! 


Today we got a little more information! 


Studio Build

It is true that a 'Skellig' set will be built in Pinewood, in fact, it would seem that it is pretty much already built. So far that we definitely know that the world famous Clochán or more commonly known as the 'Beehive Huts' are being reconstructed. 

Coming from a film production background, my suggestion is that these replicas are being built in order to facilitate internal shots - maybe a hut reminiscent of Yoda's on Dagobah?. The restrictions in place to shoot on Skellig also make it a much more practical decision to rebuild the huts, and cheat the location elsewhere (read on, we get to that bit). Then the obvious reason is so they don't disturb the historical importance of the original Clochán.


Beehive HutsThe Clochán (or Beehive Huts) seen in Star Wars: The Force Awakens are being reconstructed in Pinewood studios.


Location, Location, Location! 

We also got a tip as to where the 'Cheat' location for Skellig Michael will be! Our sources have told us that 'Ceann Sibeal' (Irish for Sibil Head) in West Kerry will provide the back drop for Ahch-To (the planet we find Luke Skywalker). Production crew are expected to roll into town as early as April 2016!

Ceann Sibeal is on the Dingle Peninsula in West Kerry


More as we get it! 


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Jan 5, 2016

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You must unlearn what you have learned....

Last week, a report was published stating that Skellig Island was too much of a hassle to film on, and as a result would not be used for Episode VIII (and IX if required). It was also reported that the whole scene would be rebuilt in Pinewood Studios outside of London, where majority of the film will be shot.

As Han Solo says in the Force awakens,

“Its True, All of it.”…. Kinda.


Skellig Micheal is a tough place to shoot a movie, firstly because it is a dangerous, remote island 11.6 km (7 miles for you members of the Imperial army) off the coast of Kerry. Aside from geographic complications, there are historical and wildlife conservation efforts on the island. As a result, there are daily limits on footfall, boating trips, helicopter trips, pretty much anything that may put added stress on the island, and unfortunately, things required for Hollywood Blockbusters!

Star Wars Producer Kathleen Kennedy spoke to Expose Last week saying

"We'll continue to use Skellig. Skellig is absolutely beautiful and you know the extraordinary thing which just shows you the force was working in Ireland is that it was sunny and beautiful both times we shot there,"

They will 'Use Skellig', but may not shoot on Skellig, instead it looks as if the  Dingle Peninsula is going to be used as a ‘Cheat’ location for the eighth instalment in the Star Wars saga.

The Dingle Peninsula will be used as a 'Cheat Location' for Skellig Michael in Star Wars Episode VIII


As you can see from the two images above, The Dingle peninsula and Skellig Michael share similar geographical features, and it has always been a Star Wars preference to – when possible, shoot in a physical location – (lets forget the Green Screen Prequels). 

So, with that now hopefully settled, the people of Dingle can look forward to welcoming our favourite characters from a ‘Galaxy far far away’ as early as April 2016 cast members likely to be papped are Mark Hamill & Daisy Ridley at least.


Star Wars Episode VIII, written and directed by Rian Johnston, is the second in the sequel trilogy and is slated for release on May 26th 2017.

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