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Welcome to Blabba The Hutt! A new podcast about all things Star Wars! This show will be comitted to talking anything and eveything from a Galaxy Far Far Away. Broadcast from Dublin, Ireland, We are the ONLY Dedicated Irish Star Wars Podcast (to the best of our knowledge!) If you like the show please make sure to subscribe! You can also follow along on twitter @BlabbaTheHutt
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Jun 18, 2017

Welcome to Blabba the Hutt Episode 33!

In This Episode:

Queen of Droids, Kate Dubinko recounts the incredible weekend at Phoenix Comic Con, which included the apprehension of an armed and dangerous con goer.. 

Interviews with

Claudia Grey
Alan Dean foster
Kevin James Anderson 

You also have the chance to WIN a copy of catalyst: A Rogue One Story, and a copy of the Rogue One Novelisation!

Sit back and enjoy another jam packed episode of Blabba the Hutt

Jun 28, 2016

Welcome to Episode 24 of Blabba the Hutt, The episode you nearly didn't get. This one has been by far the most trying Episode to get live. Jamie and Kate had multiple calls drop during the recording of this episode, and the issues didn't stop there. Every possible barrier between you and this episode were put in place! Alas, the show must go on! Though some of the Content is now slightly out of date, join us for the usual cross atlantic banter you have come to expect from Blabba the Hutt! In This Show: Maz Kate-Nata is about to make her way to Europe! PHXCC Jamie and his Sci Fi Flea Market Comics Chat: Han Solo and TFA comic adaptation Rebels Season 2 Release on Blu Ray E3 news – PSVR and EA news & Lego Star Wars Kates report from the floor of Phoenix Comic Con Celebration Europe Updates! #Cantina - Who can we expect to see at the show?

Jan 8, 2016

Blabba The Hutt

Episode 13:

Re-Reactions to The Force Awakens, and WHO IS REY?


Force awakens is out. its smashing records and we have another episode to discuss it!


Covered in this episode

- Re-Reactions to The Force Awakens

- What We got right


- The Return to Skellig Michael

- Abandoned TFA, What could have been and more!

So strap in and get ready for light speed!

Punch it Chewie!

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Sep 4, 2015


Blabba The Hutt
Episode 5:


Jamie packed up his handy recording equipment and headed into Dublin City to check out what Disney had planned for Star Wars fans at the midnight madness event for Force Friday!


The Event took place in the Disney Store on Grafton Stree, Dublin's main shopping street. Star wars fans turned out in the droves to welcome The Force Awakens to Ireland.

My Haul


Sep 4, 2015

Force Friday in Ireland was a raging success thanks to Disney Ireland, the 501st Ireland Garrison and you guys, the Star Wars fans! 

I will have my own audio recap up later, but for now, enjoy this recap video shot by Jim BB8


Aug 29, 2015

Here is a visual guide, courtesy of Visit Dublin and Illustrator Steve McCarthy! 


Aug 23, 2015

You are lucky! Bumper Blabba The hutt Episode!

Welcome to Episode 4 of Blabba The Hutt! This bumper episode has so much in it! Firstly, as an Irish person, I felt that I should set the record straight on how Domhnall Gleeson pronouces his name! Us Irish love popping a few extra letters into our names!Just for the lolz.

I talk D23, George lucas becoming a Disney Legend, his love for a certain Gungan and how a disney character inspired some of Jar Jars traits.

I disect this piece of art.

drew Struzan poster

I atroduce you to an Irish band called Fight Like Apes, who have a song - 'Pop itch' - which references Jabba the hutt - Listen on Spotify here

I talk to Jim Gorman of the Emerald Garrison, Ireland's longest established Star Wars costuming club, about all the charity work they do in Ireland, and a little about a Star Wars convention coming to Dublin in October! 

Jamie and Jim Gorman

Emerald Garrison |

So sit back and pop your headphones on and enjoy Blabba the Hutt episode 4! As always please make sure you're following us on twitter @BlabbatheHutt